Our Team

All of our Consultants and Appointment Lab technicians are carefully selected based on the experience they have in the targeted industries that we serve. 

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Kimberley Wilson

Kim is our Director of Operations. Kim has worked with major universities, community colleges and businesses for 10 years and is highly trusted in growing B2B relationships. Kim also consults and customizes the Salesforce CRM platform to meet the needs of our clients.

Jeff Roth

Jeff is our President. He has dedicated sales, marketing and TQM experience with Colleges nationwide, AT&T and Intermedia Communications. Jeff is certified in the New Strategic Selling program through Miller Heiman and served as an ISO 9000 auditor. Currently, Jeff is taking the same quality approach with clients and he is valued for his innovative ideas in helping them succeed.


We Start With Our "WHY."


We believe in providing more choice for students and employers by creating better partnerships between them and our colleges. 

Our company is committed to bridging these partnerships and we have developed a way to help students, employers and colleges smart, efficient and easy-to-use interactive products and services to start that journey. 

The Learning Strategy, Inc. was founded seven (7) years ago to help spread ideas with higher education.  Our client engagement team has a well-deserved reputation of excellence, providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective solutions representing our college partners by in developing and cultivating relationships with students and employers,    


Allowing our colleges to do what they do best (educate) makes all the sense in the world.  With our firm, there’s no need to hire a multitude of staff. We can advocate for you our Management Consulting, our Lumentis Google "look and feel" student mapping, our Edlectic Private-Label technology engagement platform and our B2B Appointment Lab.  
Every college relationship is valued greatly and treated with dignity and respect. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our collaborative expertise.

Our Management Staff 

Our Mission & Strategy

"Our Mission is to build and cultivate valuable partnerships."

Our Strategy is to provide:

Business Intelligence: Even the best companies and organizations struggle with finding new business. We have a systematic approach in finding and selecting industries and businesses who have a need for what you provide.

Prospect Generation. Spending 35-40% of your time searching through expensive databases, qualifying leads and developing generic messages is not a very good use of your time. By selecting prospects who meet your ideal customer profile, we can target our assessment, research and messaging specifically to those prospects. As a result, you will "stand out" and your prospects will look forward to meeting you - in some cases be excited to meet you. Makes sense?

Integrated Marketing.  Stop spending your marketing budget on digital strategies that don't deliver. Developing, implementing and measuring an integrated marketing solution is the best way to get customers to find you. We can help you put it all together through adaptive website design, content management, interactive marketing campaigns and inbound marketing. We then combine all this creative insight through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and in-depth analytics to continually improve in how your audience engages with your brand.

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