In Demand Certifications:  Addressing the Skills-Gap

Get onboard with the CTrain and tap into today's most in demand business topics.  Call today and ask how we're helping some of the world's most successful organizations revolutionize their corporate training in addressing the skill-gap.

Industry Specific:  Who We Serve

Since 2007 our staff has been helping companies meet their learning priorities. Serving some of the world's most respected colleges and successful organizations, our work with clients around the globe keeps us in touch with relevant business issues and enduring best practices.

Whether you are experiencing rapid growth, resource restrictions, a need for speed, or specific challenges due to the nature of your business and industry, we are able to leverage our experience and quickly mobilize worldwide resources to meet your immediate and long-term priorities.


Are you interested in a training solution tailored to learning a specific skill?

Demonstrated Experience. Proven Results.

Join the growing number of companies who have worked with us.  We're here to  help you take full advantage of addressing the current skills gap and encourage you to look at the many avenues for your growth and achievement,

Flexible Learning Environment:  Anytime, Anywhere!

The CTrain goes where you are - literally!  We know local implementation and contextualization is important, and that's why we deliver onsite (yours or ours), online and blended learning.  We have a college, university and partner network for delivery and support within 30 minutes of every place you do business, worldwide.

Need Accreditation?  

All colleges and universities who partner with The Learning Strategy are regionally accredited.  This is the highest level of accreditation a college or university can obtain and is recognized throughout the United States.
The Learning Strategy is comprised of an (ed)lectic mix of professionals who understand your industry and many are board approved by accredited colleges and universities in the business community.

How do we help organizations achieve their goals?  We start by providing you a free consultation service using our Hourglass Needs Analysis system.  The Learning Strategy will work with you to develop both a short and long term strategy to meet your educational needs, customize courses and programs that are unique to the requirements of your organization.