Colleges & Universities are not in a Business Outreach position and do not have the resources to effectively and efficiently find and select companies that are looking for an educational partnership.  We help our colleges and universities find, select and approach their ideal customers.

  • Corporate Training
  • Continuing Education
  • Foundation
  • Job Recruiting
  • Online Education
  • Workforce Grants
  • Event Sponsorships


Over the past 30 years, airline, telecommunication and energy companies that have moved from a regulated to a deregulated market go through a significant paradym shift into a world of competition and price wars.  We help to transition these companies by providing access into new markets with industry focus and targeted messaging that produce new clients,

Non Profit revenue goals have increased substantially and they have no additional resources or people to meet those goals.  They need to change the culture in the organization that says it’s OK to develop new business.  They need to demonstrate more value to partners and donors who are giving to their cause.  They need to talk to targeted prospects who would be excited about giving to their cause.

It takes more than a good heart and a conviction for a cause to ask corporate partners and donors for contributions.  We help you work smarter with less and this requires a certain behavior in business development and/or public awareness. 

HROs and PEOs spend large amounts of consultative time in finding the right healthcare options for their clients.

We help them fill their pipeline with companies that are looking for affordable healthcare options.  

IT and Software companies presents a unique set of challenges.  It's usually a long. complex selling process that requires constant follow-up, education, high-dollar investments with multiple decision-makers.  We help to get this process started in the right direction.

Traditional and digital media requires media companies to provide communication solutions to their key accounts. So how much time is spent on researching and getting new clients?  We help them in gaining access to their ideal customers who are looking for integrated media solutions.

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