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Student Market Mapping

B2B Demand Generation

How Lumentis helps colleges like yours grow and thrive.

Almost half of all higher education has seen declining enrollments because the competition for students has been on the rise for many years.  Lumentis allows your college to grow student enrollment, not by reaching more students, but by reaching the students most likely to enroll in college.

Knowing who your students are, where they are, is step one to growth.  By visualizing students in Lumentis you can see where they are, and by enhancing what you know about them with our data you can truly begin to know who they are. 

With Lumentis, not only can you visualize and understand your students better, you can isolate target groups and more effectively market to them.  Lumentis has the data higher education needs to find the right students at the right time.

Sales & Marketing Training 

The Problem:  Colleges are not meeting with enough ideal customers.

It's important for colleges to reach out and follow-up with new and existing customers regularly.  Most colleges have limited resources to find new leads, qualify ideal customers, conduct needs assessments, nurture relationships and customize and close projects.

What have we learned?  We've learned that the lack of activity is a universal problem and not as a result of a lack of effort.  In fact, a college's staff may be working harder than ever before!

Why?  Today, there are more higher educational providers (public, private and for-profit) in the marketplace than ever before.  Customers are busy, trying to do more with less.  Finding the right decision influencers and decision-makers is not an easy task.

The Solution:  The Appointment Lab

While you spend more time conducting customer needs assessments, nurturing relationships and closing projects, we spend out time representing you in finding, selecting and scheduling high value appointments with your ideal customers.

Are you interested in attracting, engaging and enrolling More Students and Employers?​

​​The Appointment Lab